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An important addition to any scheme under consideration is to harvest rainwater.  The collection tank (or reservoir) is usually buried safe underground (but can be above ground) and the fresh water it contains is drawn by a pump attached to a tap to be used as needed. This water can also be plumbed into your existing system and used for flushing toilets, or providing a filtered water source for your washing machine.  

The cost of Rainwater Harvesting Systems has dropped considerably over recent years. We have installed excellent value-for-money systems, that work beautifully.


Don't hesitate to ask about installing solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems (or any other  green options) or flood-proof septic tanks.


Try to look beyond the immediate scope of an extension, or new build, and consider how your scheme can be made to impact less on the environment AND how the environment can be made to imapct less on your project!

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Fitting Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) panels to your home will bring immediate benefits, and will pay for itself faster than other forms of green energy equipment.

I feel the most efficient, logical and profitable use for Solar Panels is to directly heat water within your hot water tank or other vessel.  Heating water for use in a bathroom or for under floor heating (UFH) requires a lot of energy - so why pay for it via gas or electric bills when it can be free?


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For homes near rivers or built on flood plains, installing a closed system septic tank will ensure your toilets will still operate when surrounding areas are in flood.

Having to live with flooding is hard enough, without losing the use of your toilets, shower, baths, basins and kitchen sink.  Our septic tank installation service is a quick process, and ensures the most essential functions of your home will operate.

Buyers considering moving to such areas will place a high value on properties equiped with this system.