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  • STANDARD PROJECT MANAGEMENT Managed construction at cost


  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT + As above, but with a price promise; we will pay 50% of budget overspend, in return for 50% of budget underspend



         A standard fixed price quotation

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  • Most people about to undertake construction, renovation, or conservation, think no further than obtaining fixed quotations; but this is the least efficient and most expensive construction method - we offer far more cost efficient and flexible options.

  • Our unique project management service delivers exceptional cost savings compared to standard construction norms.

  • All construction is relatively expensive, so should be undertaken with a continual focus on budget, and employ strategies to add the most value for the least spend.

  • This is exactly the service we offer the Home Owner, Business Owner, Developer & Self-Builder.

  • With our Project Management model-your project is built at cost, plus a fixed PM fee.

  • You can rely on over 25 years experience to bring your project to completion-built beautifully, with close attention to detail, and all at cost.

  • In 2015, we completed a beautifully built two-storey extension in Caversham, Reading for an incredible combined cost of £800/m2 (Ex VAT). This is approximately 1/3rd less than the average building costs in the South East!

  • We provide estimates free of charge.

The bottom line is the most important factor in any business.  So using a low cost constructon method is paramount.


I have managed commercial works to build large open plan offices, dental surgeries, industrial units, building conversions, sub-division and many more.


Our hybrid methods and working practices can result in construction savings in excess £500/m2.



The quality of work carried out under this firm's management is always assured, but project costs are hugely important.


Our hybrid construction model developed and tested over the last ten years delivers substantial savings of both construction costs and VAT time after time.


My firm's outturn costs can be as much as 40% less than fixed price construction.



I have over 25 years experience in working with period and listed buildings.   I have managed carefully planned works on too many projects to detail; from repairs and conservation to whole renovations and subdivision of larger buildings into town houses, apartments or offices.

Older buildings brush-up beautifully if you have sufficient knowledge, skills and the experience required.






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