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All construction work is relatively expensive, so should be undertaken with a continual focus on cost, and employ innovative strategies to add the most value for the least spend.

Our Standard Project Management delivers the cheapest method of construction-essentially your project is built at cost, plus a fixed management fee.  The fee is pegged to the duration of works-providing ample incentive to complete works within the estimated duration.  Our Services derive from a construction and development background, rather than managerial.  No managerial Project Manager can get even close to the outturn costs acheived by this firm.

The essence of a Developer is to "add the most value for the least spend"

This is exactly the service we offer. We look after you and your purse.

Everyone should develop their home if possible-as the capital gains are still tax free!







Customers building via either of our two Project Management services are technically self building, under our management umbrella, with all the cost advantages this provides, but without the risks, time burden, lack of experience and product knowledge.

The Project Manager will take care of every detail connected with your project, and will be the single point of contact for anything connected to your scheme.

Project Management is more flexible than other construction norms, and is particularly suitable for renovations or conservation, where quantifying work is more difficult.


"The Project Manager is the most important role after the architect: one individual who takes the responsibility for seeing the whole project through from start to finish. The best team arrangement is, in my view to employ an architect, an independent project manager and a builder or set of sub-contractors."

from Kevin McCloud Grand Designs Handbook

We plan and maintain CDM 2015 regulations to identify and mitigate risk. Site safety is essential

We carry out all estimates in-house, so have a detailed understanding of your project prior to commencement.

We work with known tradesmen from our extensive range of contacts who understand the methods we employ and the standards required.  







We employ stratagies gained  from over 25yrs experience to complete projects for the least cost

We provide a build plan designed to minimise construction impact upon  occupants and neighbours

Project Management allows for huge cost savings and greater flexibility when plans change


Project Management with a difference.

Our aim is to complete works for the least spend-the exact opposite to a general builder who will need to maximise income from each instruction.  


How can you lose? So why not call us or send an email?  

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Duncan M  2015


"Very satisfied customer

A4 have completed 4 projects for us over the past few years. The finish on all of them has been very good and stood the test of time. We have had no reason to call A4 back to remedy issues. All projects were completed within budgeted. Timescales occasionally slipped due to contractors not being available never to an unacceptable level. We will use them again for our next project."


"Ian I

Porch Extension

Glyn has done a good job with great materials matching with existing"


Paul C

"A4 built a two storey, roughly 60sqm2. The Project Manager, Glyn in particular was very positive and informative throughout the work and we really enjoyed his advice and enthusiasm. The contractors were great, very professional and we would not hesitate to use them all again."